Our Schools

Teacher Leaders in Minnesota that wish to open as a public school, are invited to explore the option of becoming part of the MWMS charter. Minnesota Wildflower Montessori School is both a public charter school and a member of the Wildflower network of schools–an innovative, open-source approach to Montessori learning. To more fully live our Principles and cultivate the natural evolutionary growth of the Wildflower network, we are supporting those who would like to offer a Wildflower Montessori education in a public setting.
Lirio Montessori                Acorn Montessori
Acorn Montessori is the first Spanish, English, Chinese immersion school in the Twin Cities. Acorn Montessori collaborates with families to offer an authentic Montessori environment serving children from three to six years. Our trilingual immersion model supports language acquisition and cultural competency development for children in our school within a nurturing and multicultural environment. 
We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact Acorn Montessori to receive more information about enrolling your child today! Visit our website for more information. 


Lirio Montessori is a dual immersion Montessori school for ages 3 to 6 and is led by three educators of color passionate about social justice and Montessori! Lirio Montessori se asocia con familias para proporcionar a los niños de todos los orígenes acceso a una educación de doble lenguaje Montessori de alta calidad para fomentar la independencia, el amor a sí mismo y la participación de la comunidad.

Lirio Montessori partners with families to provide children from all backgrounds access to a high quality dual language Montessori education to foster independence, love of self, and community participation.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact Lirio Montessori to receive more information about enrolling your child today! Visit our website for more information.

MWMS is growing to serve preK – 8th grade students!

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We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and caring environment for our children, their families, and our community.

The Minnesota Wildflower Montessori School (MWMS) is a member of the Wildflower Network of Schools, an innovative, open-source approach to Montessori learning. As part of this network, MWMS is developing an ecosystem of Montessori micro-schools that support a diverse mix of children, teachers, and parents on the unfolding journey toward fulfilling their potential. Our aim is to be an experiment in a new learning environment that is accessible to all families, that prioritizes and emphasizes deep parent engagement, and blurs the boundaries between scientists and teachers, between schools and the neighborhoods around them.

We are pioneering a micro school model, in which shopfront, single-classroom school sites will serve 20-30 students and their families. Nestled within neighborhoods, MWMS school sites will have a deep connection to the needs of families in the local area, and will explore opportunities to partner with local businesses and community members to better serve students and families.

As a public charter school, MWMS reaches a much broader cross-section of our communities, providing one-of-a-kind learning opportunities that will support a diverse mix of children and families as they learn and grow.

How We Envision Montessori at Our Schools

  • We believe that children are intrinsically good.
  • We believe that the natural state of children is positive and that children will do the right thing if given the opportunity.
  • We believe  children are intrinsically peaceful and thrive in gentle environments that allow children of differing ages to interact with less conflict and more joy.
  • We believe children are intrinsically motivated to learn and that this motivation blossoms in conducive learning environments.