Board & School Site Policies & Plans

As an affiliate of The Wildflower Foundation, MN Wildflower Montessori School (MWMS) agrees to follow The Wildflower Foundation policies and looks first to the Wildflower Collection for guidance in crafting MWMS specific policies and procedures. This enables us to live in to the Wildflower Principles, Values, and Norms, while also ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements of operating as a public charter school incorporated as a nonprofit in Minnesota.

At least annually, MWMS will review and authorize our Board Authorized Designations. Board Authorized Designations and this MWMS Policy Schedule shall be kept updated by the Secretary or her/his designee.

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Organizing Documents:

Teal Practices:

Major Accountabilities:

Charter-Wide P&P:

  • World’s Best Workforce Plan (in development)

School Site-Based P&P:

Minnesota Wildflower Montessori School is governed by its own school board comprised of teachers, parents and community members. We meet in the evening at 6:30pm. Each meeting begins with an opportunity for growth and development and anyone from the Wildflower community is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Interested in joining the MWMS Board? Refer to our posting: here

MWMS’s charter authorizer is Audubon Center of the North Woods

43 Main Street SE, Suite #507

Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 331-4181